Should We Be Worried About AI?

A CCTV camera, surveillance technology and AI tools icon on screen display

Big names in the tech world have been talking about why the potential applications for artificial intelligence could be something we should be worried about. Elon Musk said, “AI is far more dangerous than nukes.” And even the late physicist Stephen Hawking has raised concerns that the rise of powerful AI systems could end … Read more

Robots Can Be Great Educational Tools for Kids

A photo of two robots

Robotics has progressed from a science-fiction concept to a present-day and future reality during the last several decades. As we embraced this transformation and incorporated educational robots into childhood learning, it helps children build skills and prosper in all aspects of their lives.  Fortunately, as technology grows, these robots can now provide … Read more

What is Artificial Intelligence?

A picture of a robot

In simple words, AI or Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. This field of study has become prevalent in today’s world. It is the natural intelligence’s simulation in computers that are programmed to learn and mimic human actions. These machines can also learn and do … Read more