RFID – How Can it Help Protect You When Traveling?


Are you the kind of person that lives a busy life, travels a lot, and loses items regularly? Or one of those persons who has a tendency for forgetting where they have placed things? If you have the qualities of those mentioned above, there is a good chance that you need to … Read more

Benefits of Having a Digital Alarm Clock

Benefits of Having a Digital Alarm Clock

Starting from its invention as a pocket watch in 1883, the evolution of the digital clock through time has been genuinely fascinating. With the advancement of technology, the liquid crystal display (LCD) came in the 1960s. A decade later, the official patent for the first clock sporting the panel display was registered, … Read more

What are the Key Technologies in Race Cars?

1996 McLaren F1 – first carbon fiber body shell

Competition in the modern world requires modern augmentations. Staying afloat in the competition needs embracing modern technology — even if it means investing billions of dollars in the process. With technology growing in power exponentially, we can never really tell what more car companies can give to the world.  Experiments on car … Read more