Ideas for Making Candles at Home

Homemade candle making is a hobby for many, and it is a profession for some. The process of making a candle requires creativity for the best output. With a bit of experimentation, you can develop new ideas for this hobby.

This way, you can make unique candles that best reflect your personality and preferences. But sometimes, one may run out of new ideas and need inspiration from somewhere. To help you with that, we have compiled a list of good ideas for making candles at home.

Homemade Candles

Homemade Candles

Homemade candles have many uses. The most important use is to help you create a relaxing environment. The flickering light and the beautiful scent can work as stress relief, providing you with more comfort in your home. 

They can also work as a decoration piece with which you can light up your house. These useful art pieces can be easy to make at home without much hassle. Even the process of making homemade candles can be very relaxing. You can also give homemade candles as a gift which is both personal and useful. 

Ideas for Making Candles at Home

Ideas for Making Candles at Home

Making homemade items, such as homemade condiments, can be pretty complicated, but the same is not true for candles. You can easily learn how to make them by practicing and researching.

When making candles at home, you need new ideas to fuel your creativity. They will help you develop new designs and themes that will make your work more unique.

Following is a list of some great ideas for making candles at home so that you can take inspiration from them and add a personal touch to the candles you make. 

1. Make Candles in Vintage Tin Cans

Make Candles in Vintage Tin Cans

Making candles in a vintage tin can gives them a unique look. You can make them in many different types of containers, but vintage tin cans will provide your home with a classy vibe. They don’t look overly flashy while still showcasing intricate designs.

They are also easy to obtain, so you won’t have much trouble finding some for candle-making. Of course, you are not only limited to vintage tin cans; you can use any type of container you prefer that best suits your personality. 

2. Use Glitter

Use Glitter

Glitter is an excellent way to add a bit of flashiness to your candles. It looks nice and will be a hit on birthday parties for children. You can come up with many different color combinations when making candles using glitter. So, the next time you are making candles at home, try sprinkling some glitter in the mix.

3. Wood Wick Candles

This might surprise you, but using the conventional wick is not the only way to go when making homemade candles. Many enthusiasts also use wood wicks as a substitute since they achieve a very even burn when used.

This characteristic makes them an excellent option for wider candles. It is also good to use scented wood as wicks since they provide a beautiful aroma when burned. 

4. Layered Candles

Layered candles are made by layering different colored wax on top of each other. This makes them look a bit like homemade candy. This method of making candles provides more complex design options for you to pursue. 

You can experiment with different colors and layer thicknesses creating new patterns and designs. By learning how to make layered candles, you can open up many different avenues of creativity for yourself. In our opinion, mason jars are best for making layered candles, but you can opt for the container you think is best. 

5. Crayon Color Block Candles

Crayon Color Block Candles

You must have seen these beautiful colored block candles online or in shops. They come in various designs and colors. But did you know you can make them at home too using crayons?

Color block candles require some research and practice to make correctly. But once you have learned how to make them, you can create your own beautifully designed color block candles using crayons.

6. Make Candles in a Teacup

Make Candles in a Teacup

Just like tin cans, vintage teacups can also be used to make candles. You can use different types of teacups and proudly display them at your tea table. This way, you can create a beautiful environment perfect for your daily tea consumption.

These teacup candles are bound to make your afternoon tea even more relaxing and enjoyable.  

7. Vanilla and Coffee Candles

Vanilla and Coffee Candles

Scented candles made with natural and fresh ingredients have their own unique aroma. Natural ingredients provide an unmatched aroma that cannot be perfectly imitated through artificial means.

Vanilla and coffee beans can be used to make candles that give a beautiful scent when lit. They also look very nice when made using a transparent container such as a mason jar. 

One of the best homemade candles that you can make with natural ingredients for scent is the homemade sandalwood vanilla candle.

8. Candles Made with Seashells

Candles Made with Seashells

When you think of making candles at home, seashells are not the first ingredient that comes to mind. But surprisingly, seashells can be used very creatively in this craft. 

You can put them in the wax alongside sand to give the candle a beach theme. You can also use seashells as a mini container for making small candles.

9. Use Cookie Cutters

Use Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters can easily be bought at a store. You might even have some lying around in the kitchen. As it turns out, cookie cutters can be helpful when making candles at home.

People like to make candles in different shapes. You can easily do so by using different cookie cutters to cut the wax into the shapes you want. This method also allows you to make more intricately designed candles.

10. Utilize Flowers 

Utilize Flowers

Flowers, much like seashells, can be used in various ways in homemade candles. They can be placed inside the wax for aesthetic purposes. You can also tie them around the candle holder to make it look more pleasing. Pressed flower candles make an excellent choice as a gift. 

11. Candles in a Mason Jar

Candles in a Mason Jar

Mason jars are popular for candle-making at home. You can be very creative with these jars if you want.  They can be painted to showcase different sceneries, which will glow brightly once the candle is lighted. You can also leave them transparent to make the wax of the candles visible.  

12. Use Essential Oils for a Relaxing Experience

Use Essential Oils for a Relaxing Experience

Essential oils are an excellent way of making scented candles safely. There is a multitude of options available online that you can use. Some of the most popular essential oils used for making candles are rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and pine. 

Using essential oils gives your scented candle a natural and beautiful aroma that you can enjoy. Make sure you set the mood right for your rooms by considering the right interior painting options

13. Candles Made with Bamboo

Candles Made with Bamboo

Want a more traditional and unique theme for your candles? Why not make them with a hollowed-out piece of bamboo as a container? Using this method will give your candle a unique look. This method is also environmentally friendly since the bamboo piece is biodegradable. 

Safety first

Always remember to prioritize your safety. When making candles at home, you may deal with chemicals and flames. Make sure to be aware of all the hazards present in the environment and take necessary precautions. This way, you can ensure your well-being. 


Candle-making requires some creativity. Using different ingredients, you can make something unique that reflects your personality. Hopefully, the different ideas given in this article would have helped inspire you.

It is good to experiment with new designs and ingredients until you find your own unique style. As mentioned above, while making candles at home, be sure to take all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.