What Tools Do You Need to Take Care of a Beard?

Nobody ever guides you on how to grow a beard. It just grows in the manner that it was genetically meant to develop. Nobody hops in to provide beard grooming lessons to many of you, either. Sure, some dad is there to teach you how to shave, but by the time you need beard trimming advice, you’re probably out of the home and on your own. Dad might not have grown a beard for himself because beards are typically a generational staple during the last ten to twenty years. As a result, you are on your own.   

However, we do not see many people in our community mentioning which tools they use. There are tons of them available, each with its own set of perks and applications, as long as you know how to utilize them! This is a list of the top ten tools that any beadsman, whether a black-haired man or a gray beard man, should have in his grooming collection. Some of them will be recognizable, while others will most likely raise an eyebrow. 

A Boar Hair Beard Brush

Above all, each committed beards man needs a decent beard brush made of boar hair fibers. Furthermore, the brush’s tiny yet durable strands allow you to train your beard over time. Brushing your beard is a simple technique to exfoliate your skin beneath your amazing beard and remove any undesirable skin flakes and debris that may form over time. A beard brush will also aid in the distribution of any beard oil or balm you may have used. As you carefully massage the skin while brushing, it will almost certainly increase circulation. To summarize, this is an essential beard tool.

Beard Comb

A guy combing his beard

A beard/mustache comb is another of the top ten tools for beards to keep on hand, in addition to a beard brush. Many guys with beards connect combs with their mustaches, but beard combs exist as well. As a consequence, beard combs provide several benefits, including preventing ingrown hairs and keeping undesirable hairs out of your mouth. A beard comb, for example, redistributes whatever beard oils or balms you’ve applied to your beard.

A Hair Dryer

A modern hair dryer

Only a tiny percentage of males confess to using hair dryers. It could also be more masculine to refer to it as a Beard Dryer. If this describes you, you’re losing out on a lot of benefits! 

If you’re having trouble keeping your beard in check, a beard drier might be a lifesaver. To begin, using a beard dryer to add heat to your beard while styling can aid in getting those stray hairs into position. Second, after you’ve found your ideal style, switching to the cool setting will help you keep it in place.

Trimming Scissors

Cutting scissors (also known as shears) are an excellent item to keep on hand for trimming any stray or flyaway beard. These are also great for men who are just starting off with their beard growth and won’t need a full-fledged trimmer for a while. It’s also great for removing mustache hairs that are dangerously close to your lips.

Clippers/Beard Trimmer

It’s a wonderful time to choose the best clippers or beard trimmer if you’re ready to move on from basic trimming scissors shears. Clippers are the perfect tool to use if you want to trim your beard once it’s grown too long or just shave your sideburns. Just like using a battery-powered toothbrush, a beard trimmer is sure to give you an easier time trimming your beard. 

There are numerous alternatives, but a tiny, cordless beard trimmer can make keeping your beard looking Mossy much easier!

Solid Razor

At the very least, most guys possess a razor. When a little kid grows into a man, he must make the decision to upgrade from his lousy dollar store razor to something far sharper. Also, don’t forget to pick up some shaving gel or shaving cream to take better care of that great-looking face.

Beard Wash/Soap

It might be difficult to keep your skin clean and healthy behind a thick and bushy beard sometimes. Many bearded guys, for example, will generally neglect to have a clean face, which can lead to a variety of problems. There are excessively amazing gadgets out there, such as electric washing brushes, to make the process a little simpler for you. Although it is relatively pricey, it looks to have excellent results and will leave you feeling calm and clean. A good liquid soap or a bar of mild Dove soap, on the other hand, will keep your face clean. Above all, avoid using anything that may cause your skin to dry out.

Beard Oil

This is a simple decision. Every bearded guy understands the need to use beard oil to maintain a healthy beard in terms of appearance and feel. To put it another way, beard oil provides a lot of benefits, like calming your beard, securing hydration, taming unruly hairs, and keeping you smelling fantastic all day. As a result, the only option you’ll have to make is which smell you like!

Mossy Beard Balm

Beard balm is another simple choice for bearded guys with medium to longer beards. Above all, excellent beard balm has comparable saturating effects to beard oil, but it offers you greater hold and gives you additional style options. Finally, give Mossy Beard’s Beard Balm a try. It’s composed entirely of organic and natural components, and unlike some cheaper options, it won’t harm your beard. It also helps you style your beard by locking in moisture. In short, it’s a must-have as one of the top ten tools for beards. In other words, a growing beard is a healthy beard!

A Mossy Beard Attitude

Confidence and pride in oneself are the most powerful weapons in a man’s armory. The length and size of your beard aren’t the only factors in having a Mossy Beard. It entails adopting the proper attitude toward beard growth and maintenance, as well as life in general. To summarize, with this weapon in your arsenal, you’ll be sporting the beard that nature intended you to have in no time.  Add to your attitude as well by checking out options for the best weed in Canada as well.

So there you have it, the top tools for beards every bearded man needs. In short, we hope you found this article helpful.